Kindergarten Mobile iPad Apps

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Kindergarten Mobile iPad Apps
1 Math
1.1 Bugs and Numbers
1.1.1 Eighteen games take students through different stages of math, from counting to fractions.
1.2 The Math Tree
1.2.1 Students practice basic arithmetic skills.
1.3 Monkey Math
1.3.1 Nine games help students practice math skills such as sequencing, patterning, and counting.
1.4 My Robot Friend
1.4.1 Students use this app to solve puzzles using logic skills.
2 Science
2.1 Look and Learn: Animals Vol. 1
2.1.1 Three educational apps from National Geographic Little Kids teach students about animals.
2.2 Kid Weather
2.2.1 Designed by a 6 year old and his meteorologist dad, this app contains real time weather conditions, forecasts, and science facts and games.
2.3 This is my body- Anatomy for Kids
2.3.1 Students can learn all about the human body.
2.4 Pepi Tree
2.4.1 Students can explore tree dwelling animals and their habitats.
3 Literacy
3.1 Endless Alphabet
3.1.1 Monsters on this app teach students their ABC's and help build their vocabulary.
3.2 Starfall Learn to Read
3.2.1 Students learn to read with Zac the Rat.
3.3 Teach Me: Kindergarten
3.3.1 Teachers can set difficulty levels on games teaching sight words, spelling, and writing.
3.4 Scholastic Storia
3.4.1 This is a free eReading app that includes a dictionary and learning activities.
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