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Mind map about my short story 'Cinis'.

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  • Many things may seem useless right now, but they will be important once the story is complete.
1 Characters
1.1 Protagonist
1.1.1 Alex Praelia 16 y/o; orphan; fighting for his life
1.2 Antagonist
1.2.1 Julius Pinochet Commander of Cinis
1.3 Secondary Characters
1.3.1 Olivia 16 y/o; Alex's sister; Tried to steal from Alex; Helps Alex on his trip
1.3.2 Joseph Praelia Alex and Olivia's father; deceased
1.3.3 Violet Auctor-Praelia Alex and Olivia's mother; deceased
1.3.4 Taylor Alex's best friend; presumed dead
2 Setting the Scene
2.1 Setting
2.1.1 Place: Cinis Country leaded by Julius Pinochet
2.2 Atmosphere
2.2.1 Post-war era; massive destruction; intense violence
2.3 Point of View
2.3.1 Third person; omniscient
2.4 Theme
2.4.1 Alex, a teen boy who just lost his family, has to live in a world of chaos, while confronting his biggest challenge yet: keeping his morals in a society forged in violence.
2.5 Conflict
2.5.1 Maintaining your morals in a chaotic society
2.6 Mood
2.6.1 Part One: Dark Part Two: Hopeful
3 Plot
3.1 Exposition
3.1.1 Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution Years passed and they were always one step behind. Olivia and Alex kept looking for her, traveling through the country, never losing hope, as in every village they visited, there was a story about a girl who fed the hungry, helped the ill and fought their fight as if it was her own. Epilogue After a lifetime of traveling and looking for Taylor, Alex is on his deathbed. Olivia, always by his side, held his hand as he exhaled his last breath. Not only did he die a hero for many, but he died knowing that Taylor was somewhere out there. She had become a memory, maybe even a fairy tale, but it was one he never forgot, and just as Taylor's story got passed down generation from generation, so did Alex's. Feeling defeated Alex doesn't know what to do next, but Olivia insists on looking for Taylor. They find the girl Olivia bumped into, but it wasn't Alex's Taylor, yet she told them there had been a girl who helped her village who was called Taylor and fit their description. Olivia, a stranger shows up at Alex's house and tries to steal food. [...] After talking for a while, Alex tells Olivia about Taylor and how he never got to give her a proper funeral, then Olivia tells him she had bumped into a girl called Taylor looking for an 'Alex'. Hearing this, they embark on a quest to find Taylor.
3.1.2 Alex wakes up disorientated ; Finds out his parents are dead; Finds out Taylor is dead.
4 Author: Alondra Rosario
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