Yaisito vs Penguin, a Friendly Battle

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Mind Map on Yaisito vs Penguin, a Friendly Battle, created by Leslie Sanchez3214 on 04/29/2016.

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Yaisito vs Penguin, a Friendly Battle
1 Exposition
1.1 Setting: Yaisito's house and school
1.2 Characters: Yaisito, Aunt Cookie, Light, Darkness, Evil Penguin
1.3 Conflict : An evil penguin wants to separate Yaisito from his friends.
2 Rising Action:
2.1 Yaisito is preparing to go to school with the help of Aunt Cookie. When he gets to school, he goes to his friends.
3 Climax :
3.1 . Yaisito has to decide if he is going to stand up for his friendship,
4 Falling action:
4.1 Yaisito decides to fight for Light and Darkness
5 Resolution:
5.1 The evil penguin gets scared and runs away. Yaisito ends up happily with his friends .
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