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"When Anger Takes Over" by: Andrea Rodriguez


My short story outline about a family's loss. Hope you like the idea.
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"When Anger Takes Over" by: Andrea Rodriguez
  1. Conflict: Pablo was murdered by Juan, Velma's boyfriend, and Jaime decides to get revenge on him. PERSON VS.PERSON
    1. PLOT
      1. EXPOSITION: The family Vazquez, receives the bad news of Pablo's death.
        1. RISING ACTION: Jaime searches furiously for the man responsible of his brother's death to make ammends.
          1. CLIMAX: Jaime finds Juan, fights him and knocks him down ready to kill him.
            1. FALLING ACTION: Jaime realizes that it wasn't worth it and calls the police on him.
              1. RESOLUTION: The family helps Jaime feel better and learn to forgive and move on.
        2. POINT OF VIEW: 3rd person
        3. SETTING: Takes place in San Juan, Puerto Rico during the 21st century.
          1. THEME: Death Jealousy Loss
            1. ATMOSPHERE: Tense and angry.
            2. CHARACTERS:
              1. Pablo: Brother of Jaime who was killed by Juan out of jealousy.
                1. Jaime: Brother of Pablo who was killed. Full of anger and sadness. A very impulsive person.
                  1. Diana: Mother of Jaime and Pablo who suffers the loss of her son. Tries to move on and bring the peace in the house.
                    1. Velma: Pablo's best friend and Juan's girlfriend.
                      1. Juan: The murderer. Gets very jealous easily.
                        1. PROTAGONISTS:
                          1. SECONDARY:
                            1. ANTAGONIST:
                            2. Mood: Sad
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