NP Ethics

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NP review: Ethics

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NP Ethics
  1. Beneficence
    1. Obligation to help people in need
    2. Nonmaleficence
      1. " do no harm"
        1. If harm is unavoidable, the provider is obligatio to minimize harm
        2. Autonomy
          1. Self- determination, independence, and freedom
            1. The right of a competant person to choose a person plan of life
              1. Provider should support the patient with making an informed decision
                1. AVOID Paternalism: provider should not coerce the patient
                  1. LIMITATION: negatively effects another individual/ population
                  2. Competency
                    1. The ability of a individual to give/ refuse informed consent
                      1. LAW presume all adults are competant or until proven otherwise
                      2. Justice
                        1. Individuals should be treated in an equitable manner
                        2. Utilitarianism
                          1. Resource are allocated to provide care to the greatest number of people
                            1. "sacrifice the few to care for the greater population"
                            2. veracity
                              1. honesty and full disclosure
                                1. AVOID deception
                                2. Informed consent
                                  1. Patient must be competant
                                    1. able to communicatio choice
                                      1. understand relevant infroamtion
                                        1. appreciate the consequencse
                                          1. reason about treatment choises
                                          2. able to comprehend information
                                            1. Able to ask queston regarding the procedure
                                              1. Provider must the risk and benefits fof the procedure. Discuss treatments and tests
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