NP Ethics Part 2

Annie Nguyen
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Annie Nguyen
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NP Review: Ethics Part 2

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NP Ethics Part 2
  1. Incompetent
    1. Family or Health care proxy will agree patient can not make informed decision
      1. Only a court can declare a person incompetant and appoint a guardian
    2. Advance Directives
      1. appointed person that makes decisions on the patients behalf
        1. Healthcare Proxy
        2. Durable statement of intent based on the patients written healthcare wishes.
          1. EX: Living Will
            1. Five Wishes Document
              1. Delineates the following
                1. Who the patient wants to make their health care decisions
                  1. The kind of treatment the patients wants/does not want
                    1. How comfortable the patient wants to be
                      1. how the patient wants people to treat the person
                        1. what the pt. wants loved ones to know
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