Fractions, decimals and percents

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Fractions, decimals and percents
1 To change a fraction to a decimal you must divide the numerator by the denominator
1.1 Example: 5/8
1.1.1 Then, you have to multiply the decimal by 100 to change it to a percent (.625)(100)= 62.5%
1.2 Now you have a decimal!!! To change the decimal to a percent you must multiply the decimal by 100
2 To change a percent to a decimal, you must divide the decimal by 100
2.1 Now you have a decimal! If you want to change your percent to a fraction, you can set your percent over 100 and then simplify the fraction by finding the greatest common factor between the numerator and denominator.
2.1.1 Example: 50% = 50/100 = 1/2
2.2 Example: 50% = .50