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Barton on sea case study

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  1. Stakeholders
    1. Cafe owners
      1. car parking spaces have been cordoned off
        1. no engineering in place - want sea wall
          1. part of beach is inaccessible
          2. Property owners
            1. want more than just managed retreat
              1. house won't sell
                1. pay taxes to council to maintain area
                2. local councillors
                  1. managed retreat
                    1. money should be spent on other things
                      1. ineffective hard engineering previously
                      2. Nash holiday village
                        1. want hard engineering
                          1. area is dangerous and fenced off - have to move mobile homes from cliff edge
                          2. Conservationists
                            1. natural approach
                            2. Engineering companies
                              1. managed retreat only option due to geology
                                1. Groynes at Bournemouth starving Barton's beaches
                              2. Coastal management
                                1. Hard engineering
                                  1. 1964 - New forest council spend 1 million on protecting 1800m with 16 wooden groynes, cliff draining system, rock armour and steel piles
                                    1. failed - large slumping events
                                    2. 1985 - wooden groynes replaced with 7 rock armoured groins (more durable and cost efficient reducing LSD)
                                      1. 1991- timber revetments replaced by 1800m long rock revetment designed to last 30 years
                                        1. 1995 - fan shaped drains put in cliff and cliff regraded
                                          1. 1974 - timber revetments put in
                                          2. Soft engineering and Managed retreat
                                            1. vegetation defences - slow cliff retreat and prevent slumping
                                              1. 2007 - some areas protected by beach nourishment
                                                1. new building on coast built with improved drainage to reduce ground water build up
                                                  1. 2007 - MR adopted in areas of low value and where defences no longer work
                                                2. Effects
                                                  1. Social effects
                                                    1. lost homes
                                                      1. reduced access for recreation - loss of money (clifftop path closed due to slumping)
                                                      2. Economic effects
                                                        1. businesses such as clifftop cafe lost
                                                          1. buildings in barton court will be lost within 10-20 years - reduces market value
                                                            1. beach access road closed - reduces visitors and money for economy
                                                              1. Naish holiday park - regularly has to move mobile homes away from edge
                                                              2. Environmental effects
                                                                1. beach, cliff and woodland habitats threatened by movement
                                                              3. Causes
                                                                1. Physical causes
                                                                  1. Rock type - slumping due to water sitting on top of impermeable cliff
                                                                    1. Large fetch
                                                                      1. destructive waves with high energy hit soft cliffs
                                                                      2. Rising sea levels
                                                                        1. storminess - waves hit soft rock
                                                                          1. abrasion and hydraulic action
                                                                        2. Human causes
                                                                          1. Coastal management
                                                                            1. groynes at Bournemouth starve beach of sediment
                                                                            2. Offshore dredging
                                                                              1. starves Barton of sediment
                                                                              2. Human settlement
                                                                                1. Buildings load slope
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