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Types of Application Software

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Software Types


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1 Diary Management Software
1.1 Can view and manage diary appointments on an electronic calendar which can show daily, weekly and monthly views Can invite other users to meetings and send automatic invitations by email Can display an ‘agenda’ view of the day listing tasks and appointments which need to be completed.
2 Database management software
2.1 Create records, fields and files Tables can be linked – relational – to make storage more efficient and reduce conflicts between data in different tables Primary keys can be set up to ensure each record is unique Customer records Stock inventory Library records
3 Multi-media Software
3.1 Combination of text, graphics, video and audio in a presentation • Different forms of navigation e.g. buttons and hyperlinks • Different storage file formats to maximise compatibility on different devices e.g. Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight
4 Photo-editing software
4.1 • Allows importation and exportation of photographs into various documents • Can set layers/masks in which photographs can be built up from others – taking part of one photo and adding it to another • Image-editing features such as cropping, etc can be used to improve the dimensions and composition of a photo
5 Communication software
5.1 Used to send and receive data Can add attachments Can add signatures
6 Video-editing software
6.1 This allows for the editing of videos, e.g. trimming of clips Images can be imported into the video Audio can be added
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