Stresemann "The Golden Years"

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Stresemann "The Golden Years"
1 Successes
1.1 The Dawes Plan (1924)
1.1.1 Reduces repearations
1.1.2 Sensibly stages payments
1.1.3 French withdrew from the Ruhr
1.1.4 8 million mark loan from USA Helped German industry and reparation payments
1.2 The Young Plan (1929)
1.2.1 Timescale of 59 years for repayments
1.2.2 Responsibility for repayments given to Germany
1.2.3 French evacuate the Rhineland by June 1930 (5 years ahead)
1.3 More stable government
1.4 Stresemann was a popular leader
1.5 Little support for extremist parties
1.6 Hindenburg was made president and promised to maintain the constitution
1.7 Rentenmark (1923)
1.7.1 issued in limited numbers
1.7.2 based on agricultural/industrial morgage
1.7.3 Could be exchanged for land or industry as opposed to gold
1.7.4 was converted into the Reichsmark in 1924 Backed by gold
1.8 World wide relations
1.8.1 Stresemann ended passive resistance in the Ruhr French = XD
1.8.2 Signed Locarno Treaties 1925 Guaranteed Germany's frontiers with France, Belguim and Italy
1.8.3 League of Nations
1.8.4 Kellogg-Briand pact Solve conflicts by peaceful means Armies for self defence Assisted German economy
2 Failures
2.1 German nationalists opposed the Dawes Plan
2.2 Nationalists hated the Young plan/further payments
2.3 Constitutional issues remained
2.4 Extremists were determined to overthrow Weimar
2.5 Hindenburg disliked the new republic
2.6 German recovery was too dependant on US loans
2.6.1 Unemployment remained

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