The Types and Transmission of Pathogens

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- Different types of pathogens in plants and animals - Means of transmission

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The Types and Transmission of Pathogens
  1. Bacteria
    1. Tuberculosis (TB)
      1. Bacterial Meningitis
        1. Ring Rot (Potatoes/Tomatoes)
        2. Virus
          1. HIV/AIDS (Humans)
            1. Influenza (Animals)
              1. Tobacco Mosaic Virus (Plants)
              2. Fungi
                1. Black Sigatoka (Bananas)
                  1. Ringworm (Cattle)
                    1. Athletes Foot (Humans)
                    2. Protoctista
                      1. Malaria
                        1. Potato/Tomato Blight
                        2. Direct Transmission
                          1. Vertical
                            1. Pathogen passes from Mother to child through placenta
                              1. HIV
                            2. Horizontal
                              1. Sexual Intercourse
                                1. HIV
                                2. Touch
                                  1. Athletes foot
                                3. Droplet Infection
                                  1. TB
                                4. Indirect Transmission
                                  1. When one pathogen is passed to another via an intermediate (a vector)
                                    1. Vectors can be air, water, food or another organism
                                      1. Malaria
                                        1. Vector is the mosquito
                                        2. Potato/Tomato Blight
                                          1. Spores carried in the air and water
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