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1 Pompeii was a city in Italy
2 Mount vesuvius is a volcano in Italy
2.1 It had very fertile soil and is great for growing crops
3 pompeii was a very wealthy trading city
4 In AD 62 the city of Pompeii grounds shook and in AD 79 all of the wells went dry but yet people were not scared
5 Very sadly on the 24th of August the famous volcano Mount Vesuvius had erupted
5.1 It had continued to erupt for over 24 hours it was firing hot ash into the air
6 when the ash had cooled everything in Pompeii had disappeared
6.1 The city of Pompeii was hidden for around 1700 years until in 1748 a man was digging in his garden and found a wall from Pompeii
7 they had quiet an advanced water system in Pompeii
7.1 It came from a local river
8 The streets were paved with flagstones in Pompeii on each side of streets
9 The Forum was the centre of activity in Pompeii there was a number of temples to hounder the gods
9.1 It had advanced marketplaces with shops that sold lots of goods
10 Pieces of jewellery and pottery have been found in the city
11 Archaeologists found hollow shapes in the ground and they realised that these were the shapes of bodies

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