Yiri - Koko

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Created by bethanygrace7 over 6 years ago
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Yiri - Koko
1 Background: African. Features: call and response; repetition; improvisation; polyphony; syncopation; cross-rhythms; short, simple melodies; pentatonic
2 Dynamics: unvaried - typical feature of African music.
3 Rhythm and metre: introduction in free rhythm, drums create rhythmic osinato, ballophone ostinati create syncopation, vocal melody uses triplets.
4 Structure: slow introduction. No regular structure; contrasting sections created by instrumental and vocal sections.
5 Instruments: 2 ballophones (tremolo); djembe; talking drum; male solo vocalist; chorus and a bell.
6 Tempo: Starts in free tempo; moderato tempo, unvaried for rest of piece.
7 Tonality: Gb major; pentatonic vocal melody.
8 Texture: begins monophonic, 2nd ballophone enters to create heterophonic texture, choir voices sing in unison, coda in octaves with dramatic silences
9 Harmony: limited harmony - voices in unison, ballophones often in octaves.

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