Functions of the skeleton - SADPAM

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Functions of the skeleton - SADPAM
1 S - Shape
1.1 The bones in the pelvis, legs and feet support the weight of the upper body. Without a skeleton we would be a wobbly, floppy mass of cells and tissue, unable to stand.
2 A - Attachment
2.1 Muscles attach to the bones of the skeleton and pull them into different positions. This allows many types of movement at joints
3 D - Development of blood cells
3.1 1. Source of blood cells - many bones are hollow and consist of spongy bone tissue which is filled with red marrow
3.1.1 2. The facial bones have air sacs (sinuses) which are lined with epithelial tissue which produces mucus to keep bacteria at bay
4 P - Protection
4.1 The various parts of the skeleton protect the underlying structures
5 A - Allows moment
5.1 Through a series of muscles pulling on the bones and joints for movement
6 M - Mineral stores
6.1 Calcium makes bone hard and is used maintain the compact tissue of bones.
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