Electric and Electronic Circuits

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Electric and Electronic Circuits

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Electric and Electronic Circuits
  1. Components
    1. Power Sources
      1. Cell
        1. Battery
          1. Power Supply
          2. Load Devices
            1. Lamp
              1. Convert electrical energy into light energy
              2. Motor
                1. Converts electrical energy into kinetic energy
                2. Buzzer
                  1. Convert electrical energy into sound energy
                  2. Diode
                    1. Only allow current to pass through them when thet are forward biased.
                    2. LEDs
                      1. Is a diode with the same characteristics of them and that lights up when current pass through it and its maximum voltage is 2v.
                      2. Resistor
                        1. Variable Resistors
                          1. LDRs
                            1. Resistant value that varies according to the amount of light that hits them
                            2. NTCs
                              1. Resistant value that varies inversely with the temperature
                              2. PTCs
                                1. Resistant value that varies directly with temperature.
                              3. Potentiometer
                                1. Resistor with a value set by the user from a range of operating values
                                2. Capacitor
                                  1. Store electrical energy. The amount of energy that can store depends on the capacitor.
                                  2. Transistor
                                    1. It has three parts to connect: The base, the emitter and the collector. Depending on the amount of electrical current that reaches the transistor through its base,it can function like a switch or a current amplifier.
                                  3. Control and Protection Devices
                                    1. One-way switch
                                      1. Open and close the circuit when they are actuated
                                      2. Push Switch
                                        1. Open and close the circuit,but only while we keep them pressed
                                        2. Two-way switch
                                          1. Open and close the circuit. They can also open some circuits and close others simultaneously
                                          2. Relay
                                            1. Electromagnetic components.They are activated when an electrical current flow throgh them. They are used to control the opening and the closing of circuits when they are activated by a secondary circuit.
                                            2. Fuse
                                              1. Protect the components of electric circuits from power surges
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