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1 balance sheets
1.1 share capital
1.1.1 money invested in a company by the shareholders
1.2 net assets
1.2.1 the difference between the total value of assets owned by a business and the total value of its liabilities
1.3 stock
1.3.1 raw materials, work-in-progress and finished goods held for resale
1.4 net assets
1.4.1 the difference between the total value of assests owned by a business and the total value of its liabilities
1.5 current assets
1.5.1 cash, debtors and stock are all exampels of them
2 finance
2.1 start up costs
2.1.1 costs that are incurred at the setting up of a new business E.G decorating
2.2 operating costs
2.2.1 costs that are incurred on an on-going basis as the business is operating E.G electricity
2.3 fixed costs
2.3.1 costs that do not change with level of production
2.4 variable costs
2.4.1 costs that do change with the level of production
2.5 semi variable costs
2.5.1 costs that have some fixed and some variable elements E.G telephone
3 cash flow
3.1 cash flow fore cast
3.2 cash flow forecast
3.3 inflows
3.3.1 net cash flow the difference between inflows and outflows/ whats left in the till
3.3.2 cash coming into the business
3.4 outflows
3.4.2 cash going out of the business
4 costs/revenue
4.1 costs
4.1.1 total costs = fixed costs = variable costs
4.2 turnover
4.2.1 price x quantity
4.2.2 also know as revenue
4.2.3 money coming in to the business from sales
4.3 profit
4.3.1 revenue - expenditure
4.3.2 profit is money left over after total costs have been paid

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