Living and Growing

Oliver Wood
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AS Level Biology (B3: Living and Growing) Mind Map on Living and Growing, created by Oliver Wood on 02/10/2014.

Oliver Wood
Created by Oliver Wood over 5 years ago
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Living and Growing
1 Molecules of Life
1.1 Cell Structure
1.1.1 Number of mitochondria in cytoplasm dep. on cell activity Where respiration occurs Muscle/liver cells: High concentration Ribosomes < Mitochondria Site of protein synthesis
1.1.2 DNA Double Helix 4 bases: A-T G-C Each 3 pairs: 1 Gene Messenger RNA (mRNA) carries code to ribosomes Many proteins made are Enzymes, controlling cell activity Complimentary pairs Watson and Crick Built double helix based on: X-rays showed DNA wound in double helix Data indicated it occurred in in pairs Discovered DNA in 1953, nobel prize in 1962. Delay because other scientists had to corroborate
2 Proteins + Mutations
2.1 Long chains of amino acids
2.1.1 Each with unique amino acid number + order Results in different function
2.2 Protein Functions:
2.2.1 Structural eg. Collagen Build cells, tissues
2.2.2 Hormones eg. Insulin Control body functions
2.2.3 Carrier proteins eg. Haemoglobin Carries oxygen
2.3 Enzymes:
2.3.1 Speed up bodily reactions
2.3.2 Biological catalysts speed up: Respiration Photosynthesis Protein Synthesis
2.3.3 'Lock and Key' mechanism Substrate comes together with enzyme Separate Products made
2.3.4 Optimum: Best temp. and pH At low temps. molecules move slowly High temp. Denatures enzymes pH extremes denature enzymes Calculated by Temperature Coefficient: "Q10 = Rate at higher temp' / Rate at lower temp'
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