Reflection and Refraction

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GCSE Science Mind Map on Reflection and Refraction, created by eleanordaisy on 02/11/2014.

Created by eleanordaisy over 5 years ago
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Reflection and Refraction
1 waves can be reflected
1.1 when a wave hits a boundary some of its energy can be reflected
1.2 angles of reflection are equal to the angle of incidence
1.3 its reflected because of change in density
1.3.1 water is denser than air
1.3.2 when a wave reaches a different density some of the wave is reflected at the boundry
2 Waves can be refracted
2.1 em waves travel slower in denser medians
2.2 sound waves travel faster in denser medians
2.3 light rays bend towards the normal because they slow down.
2.4 light rays bend away from the normal because they speed up
3 Real images
3.1 a real images is where the light from an images joins together to form an image on a screen.
4 virtual images
4.1 rays are diverging so the object appears to be coming from a different location.
4.2 mirrors
4.3 magnifying

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