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ben goddard
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ICT GCSE flashcards
Catherine Archer
Input and Output Devices
Jess Peason
Input Devices
Jess Peason
Acids and Bases
Strength and Limitations of research methods
Isobel Wagner
John O'Driscoll
Types and Components of Computer Systems
Jess Peason
GCSE ICT Revision
Andrea Leyden
OCR gcse computer science
Jodie Awthinre
ICT Revision 2014
ICT revision
1 GCSE test


  • ICT in today's world
1.1 Exchanging infomation
1.1.1 Communications
1.2 ICT and Modern Living
1.2.1 Online Banking and Shopping
1.2.2 Changing Pattern of Employment
1.2.3 Collaboration
1.2.4 Using the Internet
1.3 Monitoring, Measurement and Control Technology
1.3.1 Sensors
1.3.2 Data Logging
1.3.3 Controlling Devices
1.3.4 Controll Feedback Loop
1.4 Keeping Data Safe and Secure
1.5 Manipulating Data
1.5.1 Data Management
1.5.2 Data Handling
1.6 Presenting infomation
1.7 ICT Systems
1.7.1 Systems Components of a Computer System Types of Computer System
1.7.2 Hardware Input Devices Output Devices Storage Devices Communication Devices User Interface
1.7.3 Software
1.8 Using ICT Systems
1.8.1 How ICT Systems are Used Using Computer Systems Selection and Adjustment os system and settings and user Preferences Management of Folder Structure and files Networks
1.8.2 Troubleshooting Common Problems and Solutions Software and Hardware Problems
1.9 Legal, Social, Ethical, and Environmental Issues when using ICT
1.9.1 Computer Misuse Act 1990
1.9.2 Data Protection Act 1998
1.9.3 Personal Data Guardianship code
1.9.4 Copyright Law
1.9.5 Health and Safety Issues
1.9.6 Accessibility
2 GCSE case study


  • Aqua-inflateables
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