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Matthew Chapman
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Everything ICT
1 BO61
1.1 ICT Systems
1.1.1 Systems
1.1.2 Components of a computer system
1.1.3 Types of Computer System
1.1.4 Hardware and Software
1.2 Hardware
1.2.1 Input devices
1.2.2 Output devices
1.2.3 Storage devices
1.2.4 Communication Devices
1.2.5 User Interfaces
1.3 Software
1.3.1 System Software
1.3.2 Application Systems
1.3.3 Progamming Software
1.3.4 File Types
1.4 Exchanging Information
1.4.1 Communications
1.4.2 Communications Services
1.4.3 Sharing, Exchanging and Managing Information
1.4.4 Communications Software
1.4.5 Remote access to computer systems
1.4.6 Monitoring and Tracking System
1.4.7 Emerging Technologies
1.5 Presenting Information
1.5.1 Word processing and DTP Software
1.5.2 Slideshow Software Features
1.5.3 Multimedia Software features
1.5.4 Web Authoring Software Features
1.6 Manipulating Data
1.6.1 Data Management
1.6.2 Data Types
1.6.3 Encoding Data
1.6.4 Data Collection methods
1.6.5 Validation
1.6.6 Verification
1.7 Keeping Data Safe and Secure
1.7.1 Backups and Archiving
1.7.2 Protecting Data
1.7.3 Data encryption
1.7.4 Malware
1.7.5 Hacking
1.8 Legal, Social, Ethical and Environmental Issues when Using ICT
1.8.1 Computer misuse act of 1990 Level 1 unauthorised access to computer programs or data as a nuisance Level 2 unauthorised access with a further criminal intent Level 3 unauthorised modificaition of computer data
1.8.2 Data protection act of 1998 Rights of Data subjects To compensation for unauthorised closure/ inaccurate data To access the data held about them and have it corrected or deleted if inaccurate Where can personal data be processed? If the subject has given their consent It is a legal obligation Information that must be provided by the data user about the data that is about to be stored How the data will be collected Any organization that the data will be passed onto Who will have access to the data Type of data stored Reasons why said data is to be stored What is exempt Crime and national security Statistical or research e.g census Data used for household use Payroll, pensions and taxes
1.9 Using ICT Systems
1.10 ICT and Modern Living
2 Case Study
2.1 Telemarketing
2.1.1 Staff Good work from home Bad Easy to confuse work and leisure time
2.1.2 Employer Good Can solve problems with skill shortage by hiring outside the region Bad Difficult to supervise workers and determine how hard they work
2.2 Software
2.2.1 Open source software GO TO FLASH CARDS
2.2.2 Proprietary GO TO FLASH CARDS
2.2.3 Bespoke GO TO FLASH CARDS
2.3.1 SaaS Software as a service
2.3.2 PaaS Platform as a service
2.3.3 IaaS Infatructure as a service
2.4.1 Thin client comps run on servers
2.4.2 Client software is mainly GUI's
2.4.3 Holds software packages and runs OS's

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