History: Case Studies 1 2 3

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The Druids The Jews The Christians

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History: Case Studies 1 2 3
  1. Case study1 : the Druids
    1. -priests in Gaul & Britain -claimed that they were the only ones who knew the secrets of gods -highly respected -often asked for advice -had made calendars -the Romans chased them to their stronghold on the island of Anglesey, off the Welsh coast & killed all of them
      1. written by Tacitus: the Druids covered their altars with the blood & ripped-out guts of men for sacrifices after conquering Anglesey in AD61, Suetonius' men hacked down the religious woods, dedicated to devil worship & foul ceremonies
        1. -Anglesey was a popular hiding place for rebellious Britons -When the Britons fought, the Druids stood in their ranks, their heads uplifted, calling to the gods for help.
        2. wiped out
        3. Cas study 2: the Jews
          1. -the home of this religion is Judaea -Judaea was not a Roman province -Rome appointed a governor to run Judaea -as long as it was peaceful the Roman saw no need to officially make it into a province -until 4BC it was ruled by a strong king Herod the Great. He was a keen supporter of Rome & a friend of Augustus -At this time the Jews were treated well: the Jews were excused service in the army, the Romans turned a blind eye to features that they disagreed with, Augustus who wasn't a Jew paid for daily sacrifices in the Jew's temple in Jerusalem
            1. Early in the 1st century AD most Jewish leaders were pro-Roman. When their king started breaking rules they'll appeal directly to Rome & the king was removed
              1. Herod had been a strong king, but his successors were not. Some Roman officials sent to help made them worse. Ex: Pontius Pilate broke the religious rules of the Jews & stir up disagreement between opposing groups of the Jews. By AD60 there were some groups supporting Rome but some like poorer priests & the Zealots were the opposite In AD66 the Zealots revolted. They drove the Romans out of Jerusalem & took control of the Temple
                1. An army of 50,000 soldiers were sent to Judaea. Up to 1 million Jews were killed. Thousands were transported to Amphitheatres to their deaths. The Zealots were burned alive & Titus, one of the generals, sacrificed a pig in the Temple, which is a terrible insult The revolt was crushed but that was not the end of Zealots. In AD73 1 group took over the mountain fortress of Masada
              2. survived as a persecuted minority
              3. Case study 3 : the Christians
                1. -followers of Jesus Christ -in around AD30,a new prophet, Jesus appeared -the Jews didn't like this & handed him to Pontius Pilate, the governor, to be crucified -Pilate saw no reason to crucify Jesus. However, he bowed to pressure -Paul, who was a Roman citizen made 3 journeys to cities in Asia, Macedonia & Achaea to teach about Christianity. He was arrested & taken to Rome & was probably executed in AD66
                  1. the persecution of Christians continued for many years. They suffered extreme punishment.
                    1. For safety, Christians started to meet in underground caves. This made the government thought that they were plotting against them.
                      1. Despite this persecution, Christianity continue to grow & 250 years after St Paul's journey Christianity was the most popular religion
                      2. Christianity grew, until in 337 the Emperor Constantine became a Christian & Christianity became the official religion of the Empire. By AD400 Christianity were spreading into provinces & even to Rome itself
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