Rip Van Winkle

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Rip Van Winkle
  1. Rip was a very simple and kind man who loved to help all the people, that's why everyone in his village loved him
    1. Rip's wife was very unkind to him and that's one of the reasons he loved to go up the forest with his dog called Wolf
      1. One day in one of his trips, Rip went up the hill.
        1. On his way up the hill, he helped a man, who was carrying a barrel on his back.. But when Rip arrived to the place the man had to climb up, he saw some strange-looking people in that place.
          1. Rip had to give them a drink from the barrel. He had a drink too, when no one was looking, and fell asleep for a long time.
            1. He woke up 20 years later, Totally confused of the day and time he was in.
              1. He went to the village and it looked totally different from the last time he remembers it. He tried to look for his children.
                1. When he found them, he asked his daughter "Where's your mother?". Then she said "She's dead"
                  1. He said in his mind "At last I'm free" He finished his conversation saying to his daughter "I'm your dad"
                    1. She immediately took her father home and gave him a place to live.
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