(7) Manifestos of the three major parties


A level People and Politics (Political Parties) Mind Map on (7) Manifestos of the three major parties, created by Marcus Danvers on 02/13/2014.
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(7) Manifestos of the three major parties
  1. Immigration
    1. Lib Dems
      1. No more child detention
        1. Cracking down on abuse
          1. High-skilled immigrants
          2. Conservatives
            1. Cut imigration by third
              1. Shut down bogus collages
                1. Cut benefit tourists and medical tourists
              2. Education
                1. Lib Dems
                  1. 2.5 billion for schools
                    1. Make the new system of student finance as fair as possible
                      1. Takel youth unemployment
                      2. Conservatives
                        1. Convert more schools to academies
                          1. Provided 100 free schools
                            1. Language to be compulsory
                            2. Labour
                              1. Teacher MOT
                            3. Law and order
                              1. Lib Dems
                                1. Cutting crime
                                  1. Protecting Women
                                    1. Rehabilitation that works
                                    2. Labour
                                      1. Tackling Serious Fraud and White Collar Crime
                                    3. social justice
                                      1. Lib Dems
                                        1. Equal Marriage
                                          1. Women at work
                                            1. Equality for people with disabilities
                                          2. Environment
                                            1. Lib Dems
                                              1. Green Jobs: investing in renewables
                                                1. Green jobs: insulating houes
                                                  1. Green jobs: improving public transport
                                                  2. Conservative
                                                    1. Big tree plants - million trees planted
                                                      1. Investing 1/2 billion in rural broad band
                                                        1. 165 million investing in country side
                                                        2. Labour
                                                          1. The UK can learn lessons from Germany’s rapid growth in renewable energy, which has been the driving force behind radical changes to their energy market in the last decade.
                                                            1. Real Energy Market Reform
                                                              1. Resource Security: Growth and jobs from waste industries
                                                            2. Taxation
                                                              1. Lib Dems
                                                                1. £600 tax cuts
                                                                  1. Helping with living costs
                                                                    1. £9bn clawed back from tax dodgers
                                                                    2. Conservatives
                                                                      1. 50% to 45% on income tax for top earners
                                                                        1. Spare bedroom tax
                                                                        2. Labour
                                                                          1. Corporate Tax: Transparency and reform
                                                                            1. Income tax increase to 50% for top earners
                                                                              1. Bogus Self-employment
                                                                            2. Civil Liberties
                                                                              1. Lib Dems
                                                                                1. Protected innocent people's data
                                                                                  1. Limited pre-charge detentions
                                                                                    1. Protecting freedom of speech
                                                                                  2. Political Reform
                                                                                    1. Conservatives
                                                                                      1. EU referendum
                                                                                        1. Cutting MPs
                                                                                          1. Politicians more accountable
                                                                                            1. Reform civil services
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