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GCSE English (character studies) Mind Map on Mr Darcy, created by isa sofia on 02/13/2014.

isa sofia
Created by isa sofia over 5 years ago
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Mr Darcy
1 Nephew of Lady Catherine de Bourgh and cousin to Miss Anne de Bourgh
2 Has a younger sister, Miss Georgiana Darcy
3 Grew up at Pemberley in the company of Mr Wickham
4 The son of a wealthy family - he is aristocracy
5 He is seen as extremely proud at the beginning of the novel although as the story progresses, Mr Darcy and Lizzie are the perfect match
6 He knows his rank in society
7 Proposes to Lizzie twice in the novel
7.1 He is rejected the first time
7.1.1 Lizzie did not like him at all and though he was proud
7.2 His offer is accepted the second time
8 Has a long history with Mr Wickham
8.1 Mr Wickham lied about how Mr Darcy treated him
8.2 Mr Wikcham tried to get Mis Georgiana Darcy to elope with him when she was just 16
9 When Lydia runs away with Mr Wickham Mr Darcy helps get Mr Wickham to marry her
9.1 he has to pay him money the Bennet family would not have been able to afford
9.2 Claims he only did it for Lizzie
10 Doesn't like the Bennet family except for Lizzie and Jane

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