Language in Advertising

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Mind-map of Language in Advertising for A-Level English Language

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Language in Advertising


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  1. Persuasive Language Techniques
    1. Similes and Metaphors
      1. can be mixed or extended
      2. Allusion to a powerful, well-known phrase
        1. Tricolons (list of three)
          1. Repetition
            1. Parallelisms
              1. Synonymous (second half develops first)
                1. Antithetic (two halves are opposed)
                2. Alliteration
                  1. makes lines quotable and memorable
                  2. Word-Play
                    1. e.g. puns
                    2. Buzzwords (cliched but well-known phrases)
                      1. Oxymorons
                      2. Grammar
                        1. often departs from standard forms
                          1. often resembles headlines
                            1. omit articles "the" and "a/an"
                          2. Minor Sentences (short forms of sentences)
                            1. Pragmatic Assumptions
                              1. Grammatical Conversion (take noun/brand name and make it another word class)
                                1. e.g. "that's so Suzuki" and "how refreshing, how Heineken"
                                2. Pseudo-Science
                                  1. e.g. "beauty therapist"
                                3. Discourse
                                  1. narratives
                                    1. self-contained or episodic
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