Atomic Structure Review

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Atomic Structure Review
  1. Models of the atom
    1. Hard invisible sphere
      1. Solid sphere with + or - uniformly distributed
        1. Nuclear atom
          1. Nucleus
            1. Contains almost all mass.
              1. Nucleons
                1. Protons +
                  1. neutrons (neutral/no charge)
                  2. Nuclear charge is +
                    1. Same as # of protons
                2. Orbital atom
                  1. Wave mechanical model
                    1. TODAY'S MODEL
                      1. Electron cloud model
                        1. Mathematical model
                          1. Electrons are in orbitals
                            1. Regions of high probability of finding an electron.
                        2. Using cathode ray tubes, the existence of e- in atoms were discovered.
                          1. Gold Foil Experiment
                            1. Alpha particles (+) bombarded gold foil.
                              1. Most particles went straight through.
                                1. Conclusion
                                  1. Atom is mostly empty space.
                                    1. Atom has a + center/space
                                    2. Few particles bounced back.
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