Blackfoot Tribe

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Blackfoot Tribe
  1. Where did they live?
    1. The Blackfoot tribe lived in Montana, Idaho, and Alberta, Canada.
      1. This map shows that the Blackfoot tribe only had control over a small portion of land in Montana. The rest was under the control of other tribes.
    2. What were their homes like?
      1. Their usual shelter was a tipi which was owned and managed by the women. The tipis were usually made from 8 to 20 buffalo hides and 19 pine poles. The women would drag the heavy posts with them whenever the tribe moved.
        1. These images show what their tipis looked like.
        2. The tipis were usually 14 feet in diameter and weighed 100 lbs. The tipis were sometimes painted with designs that have religious significance. An entire Blackfoot village could be packed up and moved within an hour. Prairie breezes blowing under the tipi covering were deflected by the back wall, this created and “up draft” over the centrally located cooking and heating fire. Back walls were often painted with geometric designs to differentiate the different families.
        3. How did they make a living?
          1. Blackfoot men usually hunted the buffalo by driving them off cliffs or stalking them with bow and arrow. As they acquired horses, the Blackfoot tribe began to pursue the buffalo by moving their camp to follow the buffalo migration habits.
            1. The Blackfoot staple food was buffalo. They developed a complex society based upon the buffalo: meat = food. Skin=clothing and tipi covers. Bones=needles and utensils. Horns=spoons. Rawhide=bags. In addition to buffalo meat, the Blackfoot Indians also ate small game like squirrels, nuts and berries.
              1. This is an image of the Blackfoot Indians while hunting buffalo.
                1. This is a spoon made from the horn of a buffalo.
                  1. This is the head of an arrow, mainly used for hunting or possibly during battle.
                2. The tribe heavily relied on a piece of equipment called the travois for the movement of their belongings. Especially to move the buffalos after they have been captured and killed. Before horses dogs were responsible for the task of pulling the travois.
                  1. This is an image of a horse pulling a travois.
                3. What are typical arts and crafts for this tribe?
                  1. Blackfoot women would make and design jewelry and clothing in the winter. When they had more time on their hands, they are known for their fine quill embroidery and bead work.
                    1. These images show some of the jewelry made by Blackfoot women.
                  2. How do tribal members live today?
                    1. Blackfoot tribal members live on reservations in Montana. Here is an image of one of today's Blackfoot tribe children.
                      1. This image is a map of a small part of Montana. This part contains the Blackfoot Tribe Reservation, which is next to the Glacier National Park.
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