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The Chocolate War


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The Chocolate War
  1. Primary Charactars
    1. Archie Costello
      1. Portrayed as the antagonist
        1. His villainous thoughts and actions highlight him, and make him the most interesting characar in the novel
          1. Archie is an opportunistic bully, and seizes the chance to psychologically hurt someone whenever he can. He rarely retorts to pysical violence.
          2. Jerry Renault
            1. Portrayed as the protagonist, but isn't talked about as frequently as Archie
              1. Has some problems with his personal life, but is overall a relatively happy teenager until his life is disturbed by the chocolate sale
                1. Throughout the story, Jerry struggles to determine whether or not he should stand up for his beliefs. When he decides to, the consequences he faces are terrible. However, his protest still left a mark at Trinity.
              2. Essay topic: What is the authour saying about life and living throughout the book?
                1. Neagtives
                  1. Author could be trying to discourage the reader and force them into thinking that 'disturbing the universe' is foolish.
                    1. By showing how other students at trinity were not largely affected by Jerry's uprising, the author could be stating that staying silent and voiding trouble is safer than voicing your opinion
                    2. Positives
                      1. Brother Leon, and The Vigil's frustration could show that Jerry's effort to make a change works. Thus, the author could be showing that hard work pays off and that by dedicating and sacrificing enough, a task can be accomplished eventually.
                        1. The mark and influence Jerry had at Trinity, despite his revolution's unfortunate end, could be a sign which showed how Jerry's ability to endure through pain left an everlasting mark a midst a corrupt school.
                      2. Battles of Power
                        1. Archie vs Carter: In an attepmt to have leadership over The Vigils, Archie and Carter have and indirect conflict, where physical fights psychological power. This could have been shown through the awkward contact that Archie and Carter made with each other.
                          1. Brother Leon vs. The Vigils: Excluding the bitter ending, Brother Leon and The Vigils have a shaky relationship for the most part of the noel. This is because bother parties are separately trying to have more control of the school. One wrecks chaos, while another tries to force discipline.
                            1. Jerry Renault vs. Brother Leon, The Vigils: After having disobeyed The Vigils for the first time, Jerry had started a conflict not only with The Vigils, but with brother Leon himself. While Jerry was trying to fight corruption and abuse which was delivered by both of these people, the other side managed to oust Jerry and put a stop to a rebellion. However, Renault's acts still left a memorable mark at Trinity.
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