LTM and the very big picture

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Created by linpao94 over 5 years ago
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LTM and the very big picture
1 The mid 1980s onwards
1.1 Imperatives to bear in mind?
1.1.1 Mcdonalization Deshumanizing for creating Efficiency Predictability Standardized enviroment Standardized materials Two-page workplans ‘50 minute lessons’ PPP model as a norm Books ‘units,’ ‘modules,’ ‘blocks,’ ‘themes’
1.1.2 Neo- liberalism The market is arbiter of all Successful Monetary Value State intervention Education as a intangible way for creating Monatisation Marketing advantage Consumers Jobs Certificated Knowledge Standardized materials Competences A1, A2, B1,B2, C1 or C2 Consumers
2 Conclusion
2.1 This spirit creates imaginings
2.1.1 The key is to go beyond Creating materials Producing unique outcomes Open-ended tasks
3 ELT materials: the 1950s to the 1980s
3.1 The 1950s/ 60s
3.1.1 The cold war Creating competitiviness between URSS USA Generates Scientific advance Languages learning proficiency
3.2 The 1960s/ 70s
3.2.1 Humanistic methodologies Input Hypothesis Humanism as an aim Silent Way (Gattegno) Suggestopedia (Lozanov)
3.2.2 Flower power The notion of DIY DO IT YOURSELF
3.3 The 1970s to the mid 80s
3.3.1 Embourgeoisement Ma decade ‘Flattening’ of the social structure Created Language for "special purposes Individuals’ linguistic wants and needs Social movements Communicative Language Teaching movement Recognition of cultures
3.3.2 Democratisation
4 Context
4.1 What is materials develpment influenced by?
4.1.1 Culture Materials are cultural artefacts
4.1.2 Time Synchronous Social and temporally located
4.1.3 Zeitgeist "The spirit of time"