Beyond "Culture": Space, Identity, and the Politics of Difference

Susan Evans
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GUPTA, Akhil/ FERGUSON, James (1997) "Beyond "Culture": Space, Identity, and the Politics of Difference". In: Culture, Power, Place. Explorations in Critical Anthropology. Durham & London: Duke University Press, S.33-51.

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Beyond "Culture": Space, Identity, and the Politics of Difference
  1. Problems raised by the implicit mapping of cultures onto places
    1. What is "the culture" of border inhabitants?
      1. Disjunction of place and culture
      2. Cultural differences within a locality
        1. Plurality of cultures within the framework of a national identity
          1. Link between identity and place
          2. Question of postcolonialty
            1. Where do the hybrid cultures belong?
            2. Cultural and social change
              1. Rethinking difference through connection
                1. Space achieves identity as a place
                2. Fredrich Jameson "Postmodern hyperspace"
                3. Transnational public
                  1. New forms of cultural difference and imagining community
                    1. Reterritorialization of space
                    2. Deterritorialization of Identity
                      1. Edward Said "a generalized condition of homelessness"
                        1. Lines between "here" and "there" become blurred
                          1. Breaking of the connection btw. place and culture
                            1. Imagined communities (Anderson 1983)
                            2. The experience of space is socially constructed
                              1. Challenging two naturalisms (Malkki)
                                1. Analyses of nationalism
                                2. Cultural critique
                                  1. Identity of the "We" = "The West"
                                    1. Processes of production of difference
                                      1. Power relations
                                        1. Task of denaturalizing cultural and spacial devisions
                                          1. Spaces and places are made (sociopolitical construction)
                                          2. Critique of the anthrop. cult of the "Bushman" (Wilmsen 1989)
                                            1. Kalahari was not isolated
                                            2. Requestioning of the spatial assumptions in concepts such as "culture", "society", "community" and "nation"
                                            3. Reconceptualization of space
                                              1. "Cultural dominant" (Jameson 1984)
                                                1. "Cultural style" (Ferguson 1997)
                                                  1. "The uncanny of cultural difference" (Bhabha 1989)
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