Midterm exam

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Fundraising midterm exam and study mind map Classes 1 to 6

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Midterm exam
1 Cour 1 : Canadian Philanthropy
1.1 People give...
1.1.1 All giving is individual
1.2 To People...
1.2.1 Donors make investments to people they trust and based on the relationship with the askes
1.3 To Help People..
1.3.1 Institutions don't have need people do. Donors make investments
1.4 Nurturing relationships
1.4.1 Donors
1.4.2 Volunteers
1.4.3 Institutional Staff
1.4.4 Benefeciaries/ Stakeholders
1.4.5 Community
1.5 Types of fundraising
1.5.1 Special Events
1.5.2 Groups, guilds and support organisations
1.5.3 Membership/ Associations
1.6 Donor Pyramid
1.6.1 Estate or planned giving Important donations Bequest (will) Planned gifts
1.6.2 Major giving Donor Growth Corporations/Foundations
1.6.3 Annual Giving Donor contact Modest amount
1.7 Split Receipting
1.7.1 At least 25% of the Fair market Value
2 Cour 2: Communicating the Case for Support
2.1 Mission
2.1.1 Reasons of being of the organism
2.1.2 Statement of values
2.1.3 The Question ''WHY?''
2.2 Goals
2.2.1 The Question ''What?''
2.2.2 How to reach it in the future?
2.3 Objectives
2.3.1 The Question ''How?''
2.3.2 Realistic and achievable
2.3.3 with precise numbers
2.4 Power of narrative
2.4.1 The tipping point Point de basculement psychologique The law of the few Maven Salesman
2.5 Power of context
2.5.1 Most people underestimate the power of context in judging others behaviors
2.5.2 Having boundaries and not able to pass more information after a certain limit
2.6 The ''Stickiness factor''
2.6.1 Simplicity
2.6.2 Unexpectedness
2.6.3 Concreteness
2.6.4 Credibility
2.6.5 Emotions
2.6.6 Stories
2.7 The story Triad
2.7.1 Sparking action: encourage ppl to change
2.7.2 Communicating who you are: Get ppl to trust you
2.7.3 Branding: Brand promise
2.7.4 Transmitting values: Explain values of the brand
2.7.5 Fostering collaboration: Based on a group concern and goals
2.7.6 Taming the grapevine: Calm a rumor
2.7.7 Sharing knowledge: problem solving knowledge
2.7.8 Leading ppl into the future: explain a future concern and vision
2.8 Positionning: Branding
2.8.1 Getting the prospect to see you as the only reasonable solution
2.8.2 Branding= Gets their heart
2.8.3 Positionning Statement What makes your brand unique Support: contribution to the brand awareness What is your promise Brand character: qualities that characterize the brand
3 Cour 3 et 4 : Motivating donors to support the cause
3.1 Motivation
3.1.1 Imbalance between the current and desired state
3.2 Levels of Donors involvement
3.2.1 Level 1: Board/ management/ Major donors
3.2.2 Level 2: Volunteers / Staff/ General donors
3.2.3 Level 3: General population
3.2.4 Level 4: Former donors/ Family/ Past clients
3.3 Rule of thumb : L-A-I
3.3.1 Linkage
3.3.2 Ability
3.3.3 Interest
3.4 The 7 faces of philanthropy
3.4.1 Dynast
3.4.2 Devout
3.4.3 Socialite
3.4.4 Communitarian Business contacts
3.4.5 Altruist
3.4.6 Investor
3.4.7 Repayers Was constituent first
3.5 Case for support
3.5.1 How funding needs are identified
3.5.2 How funding needs are presented
3.6 Elements of a fundraising plan
3.6.1 Who are the prospects ? What is their relationship with the cause ?
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