Colonialism, Slavery and Empire

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Colonialism, Slavery and Empire
1 Studied as defunct historic episodes
1.1 predicates of modern liberal world order
1.1.1 'series of successive reigmes of un-freedom" (Dirks:1990:30) Domination through slave then wage labour, intellectual appropriation and a power over knowledge forms. C.W.O inherently unequal?
2 Introduction
3 Economic
3.1 Shift in Mode of subsistence
3.1.1 Capitalism x Europe! "Where capitalism accumulated, it was as a process and consequence of colonialism" (Mignolo, 2007:453) New World Encounters: Redwood and rubber "the universal rights [...] promised by he American and French revolutions tacitly excluded among others, slaves, the poor and women (2009: 316 - C)
4 Social
4.1 'For liberal reformers the modern empire had to be decisivley severed from older, more extractive and oppressive forms of conquest' (M, 2010: 11)
4.2 Conflicting pasts had to be rationalised: Describe human prgress.
4.2.1 'agent of the civilising process' (M 2007:11) incapable of self governing Legitimate tool of moral and material prgress Imperial alibi to justify domination
5 Political
5.1 Racialised power plays and conception of the military mission as a moralising project
5.1.1 Interventionist measures: perversion of the liberal ethos sustained by a fear of 'un-freedom' war and violence unanimously depicted as global exportations of liberal democracy to 'ungovernable' nations. Monopolisation over knowledge forms. HAITI Escobar: global coloniality, heigtened marginalisation, spression of knowledge and cultures of subaltern groups (2009, Vas)
6.1 Constitutive effects of slavery, colonialism, empire on liberal world
6.1.1 Freedom is constituted by the un-freedom of others' Colley, cited in Bhambra, 2007: 19 Knowledge production: Social Sciences, History, Economics REPRODUCTION of colonial logi: resource and intellectual appropriation GOVE
6.2 Benjamin: economy of oblivion that hides the colonial wound
6.2.1 Recover past from colonial vacuum: multiple histories
7 Violence; displacement of persons
7.1 Slavery
7.1.1 Liberalism that could overlook this

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