Pressure group methods

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Key Concepts - Unit 2.1 - Government and Politics
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(5) The functions of Pressure Groups continued
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(10) Do Pressure groups strength democracy
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Unit 1: Government and Politics: The Constitution
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Pressure group methods
1 Access points - points within the political system where pressure groups can exert pressure on those who hold political power
1.1 More difficult in UK - power is fused and checks on executive are weak
1.1.1 However, introduction of Scottish parliament having primary legislative powers, creation of assemblies, more independent Supreme Court have made access points more meaningful
2 Traditional methods
2.1 Letter-writing campaigns
2.2 Petitions
2.2.1 Online, started by anyone on
2.3 Marches
2.3.1 Against Poll Tax in 1990 changed law
2.4 Lobbying
2.4.1 Hire professional lobbyists to use their contacts on behalf of the pressure group - they target specific people in government
3 Directly influencing legislative process
3.1 Insider groups able to influence policy at early stages
3.1.1 Consultation with ministers, civil servants, government-appointed bodies working on legislative proposal
3.1.2 Most maintain permanent Westminster offices
4 Legal action (litigation)
4.1 Effective but expensive
4.2 Works in 2 ways
4.2.1 Court finds that government has acted in a manner further than authority granted
4.2.2 Action raises public awareness of issue, win or lose
5 Working through political parties
5.1 PG's can cultivate links with PP's
5.2 Easier to form when they are not in government
6 Direct action
6.1 Visible, direct protest
6.1.1 Can include violence
6.1.2 Often includes civil disobedience
6.1.3 More attention grabbing
6.2 Single-issue, direct action politics undermines political system
6.2.1 Prevent governments from implementing their programmes and pursuing broader policies
6.2.2 Fathers4Justice publicity superman stunts
6.2.3 Green Peace oil rig stunts
7 Media
7.1 Can use paid media for advertising, direct mail
7.1.1 WWF have links with Sky TV
7.1.2 NSPCC use TV breaks in Full Stop campaign
7.2 Internet and social media
7.2.1 Demonstrations can be easily planned and spread
7.3 Green Peace raised prole of the environmental summit and preventing Spar oil from being dumped by Shell in 1995
7.3.1 They organised boycotts of Shell petrol stations in Germany and Holland
7.3.2 Flew in reporters to film the protest and Shell trying to remove them
7.3.3 Provided up-to-date information on the ordeal

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