Roaring Twenties

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Roaring Twenties
1 The Car
1.1 Cars helped the cities grow by opening up the suburbs
1.2 Carried workers to and from their work and their entertainment facilities.
1.3 Cars took Americans to: - sporting events, beach holidays, shopping trips, picnics in the countryside, and visits to family and friends.
2 Morals
2.1 Sex became a major concern of tabloid newspapers, Hollywood films, and everyday conversations.
2.1.1 Scott Fitzgerald - American writer - The Great Gatsby.
2.1.2 36 states threatened to introduce a censorship legislation.
2.2 American Dream?
3 Growing Cities
3.1 Imposing skyline of skyscrapers; skyscrapers were built because there was no more land.
3.2 More Americans lived in towns than in cities.
3.3 tension between rural USA and urban USA
3.3.1 People from the countryside thought that their traditional values (religion and family life), were being threatened from the growing cities. They thought that the cities were full of atheists, drunks, and criminals.
4 Entertainment
4.1 Average working weekly hours dropped from 47.4 to 44.2.
4.2 Average wages rose by 11%.
4.3 Sports
4.3.1 Boxing was also a very popular sport; Jack Dempsey.
4.3.2 Baseball became a big money sport with legendary teams; the Red Sox, Yankees.
4.4 Radio
4.4.1 People that couldn't afford to buy one out right, could purchase one in installments.
4.4.2 By the end of 1922, there were 508 licensed radio stations in the USA.
4.4.3 By 1929, for example, NBC was making $150 million a year.
4.5 Jazz
4.5.1 inspirational
4.5.2 became an obsession among young people.
4.5.3 Jazz brought the Charleston dance and flappers.
4.5.4 had a primitive rhythm.
4.5.5 So much power that it became known as the Jazz Age.
4.5.6 Older generation saw jazz and associates as a corrupting influence on the young people of the USA.
4.5.7 Black people that went to the cities brought jazz and blues music with them. Blues music was more popular within the black population.
4.6 Cinema
4.6.1 movies became a multi-billion dollar business. One hundred million tickets were sold each week.
4.6.2 UNtil 1927 all movies were silent. 1927 - first talkie was made.
4.6.3 Hollywood Studio produced a large amount of films.
4.6.4 New stars such as Charlie Chaplin and Bushes Keaton

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