CFA - Alternative Investments Mind Map

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CFA - Alternative Investments Mind Map
1 Alternative Investments
1.1 Reading 66 LOS
1.1.1 66 a) Compare A.I. with traditional Investments Less transparency Low correlation with traditional Investments Illiquidity Manager Specialization Low levels of Regulation Unique legal and tax considerations
1.1.2 66 b) Describe Categories of A.I. Commodities Hedge Funds Real Estate PE Funds Others
1.1.3 66 c) Describe Potential benefits of A.I. in the context of portfolio management Absolute Returns Market Segmentation Concentrated Portfolios
1.1.4 66 d) Describe Hedge Funds, PE, Real Estate, Commodities and Others including, Strategies, Subcategoriesm Potential Benefits and Risks, Fee Structures and Due Diligence Hedge Funds Strategies Event Driven Merger Arbitrage Distressed/ Restructuring Activist Shareholder Special Situations Equity Hedge Relative Value Fixed Income Convertible Arbitrage Fixed Income Asset Backed Fixed Income General Volatility Multi- Strategy Macro Due Diligence Investment Strategy and Process Management Style System Risk Management Competitive Advantage Key Person Risk Track Record Size and Longevity Investor Relations Fee Structrues Description
1.2 Reading 67

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