The Murder Of Louis Lancaster by Aryaan

Aryaan Siddiqui
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The Murder Of Louis Lancaster by Aryaan
1 Opening
1.1 Abby Lancaster and her husband, louis, were having an argument
1.1.1 Her husband slapped, her So she took the fireplace poker and banged it on his head Louis was on the floor She took her husbands body upstairs And thought where to dispose it
2 Problem
2.1 At that moment the bell rang " Ting tong"
2.1.1 Abby cleaned her bloody hands And went to check who it was On the door was their neighbor, Alfred Alfred came to ask for some sugar Abby went to fetch sugar Abby was so confused that she dropped the packet of sugar As she was collecting the sugar, she heard noises as if someone with heavy boots was running upstairs Abby rushed to give Alfred the sugar When she rushed to give the sugar She was amazed that Alfred was panting as if he he was running And when she looked down at Alfred's shoes they were black boots As Alfred, left she ran upstairs to check The body had disappeared!!
3 Development
3.1 Abby was in a lot of stress
3.1.1 She was confused if Alfred had seen her killing Louis and took the body for evidence In the morning, Abby called the cops and told them that she thinks Alfred had kidnapped her Husband Abby had taken a big risk by calling the cops The cops went next door to Alfred Abby was very nervous Abby started crying, so she could show she loved her husband very much and couldn't harm him After meeting Alfred the police went
4 Climax
4.1 Abby started to think, why didn't Alfred tell about the body
4.1.1 Then a phone call came, Abby awnsered it It was a man, he sounded like Alfred He said that he had seen Abby kill Louis And took the body for evidnece Abby startted to cry and said that she would do anthing for the body The man said bring 10,000 pounds, next to the carlsion graveyard Abby drove to the bank, took all of Louis savings and drove to the graveyard
5 Ending ( Twist )
5.1 When Abby reached no one was there
5.1.1 When Abby looked back, she sees a man and he says " Hey sweetie, did you miss me?" Since then Abby was never seen again
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