Pitching a Curve


How to pitch a curve
Davon Latino-Eva
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Pitching a Curve
  1. Do I have to hold the baseball a specific way?
    1. Yes, you want to hold it with your middle finger on the lace were the loop stars and your thumb on the bottom of the baseball in the center of the loop .
      1. Is there a different way to hold the ball?
        1. Yes, but it using a differnt way to hold the ball leads to a different curveball.
          1. Are the different types when thrown different?
            1. Yes, it all depends on how you throw them.
        2. Can you have your index finger on the laces?
          1. You can hold the ball with your index but it will have to have more speed to release your hand.
            1. Why is it harder to throw?
              1. Because the ball is deeper in your hand.
      2. Can throwing a curve ball hurt my arm?
        1. It all depends on what curve you want to through and the way you throw the ball.
          1. Which curve ball will not hurt my arm?
            1. The hook is one curve ball that will not hurt your arm.
        2. At what time pitching should I throw a curve ball?
          1. You should throw it when you have two strikes so the batter thinks that you are going to throw the last two so it's unexpected.
            1. Is their any other time to throw a curve?
              1. It's up to the Pitcher when they are comfortable throwing the ball.
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