How to throw a curveball


teaching how to pitch curves
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How to throw a curveball
  1. How do you grip the ball
    1. How do you release?
      1. What is the stance?
        1. How do you stride?
          1. Where do you plant your leg?
            1. where does your shoulder face?
              1. Where is your hand facing?
                1. Where do you release?
                  1. Release the ball when your arm is right in front of you
                    1. How do you flick your wrist
                      1. when do you flick your wrist?
                        1. flick your wrist when your arm is on the outside
                        2. by turning your hand
                      2. Your hand is facing home plate
                      3. At home plate
                      4. Plant your leg right to the side of you
                      5. you lift your leg up and move it to the side
                      6. where your standing
                      7. you let go of the ball
                      8. With your first and middle finger and your thumb
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