Shoeless Joe Jackson and Me

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This is my quarter two mind map.

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Shoeless Joe Jackson and Me
  1. Main Conflict
    1. Joe Stoshack needs to figure out a way how to save the 1919 World Series, and help Flip's Fan Club.
      1. Cause-- Flip's baseball card shop is closing, and Stosh thinks it's unfair, That's when he learns about the Black Sox Scandal and how a innocent baseball player from 1919 was banned from baseball, Sholess Joe Jackson. Stosh knows he needs to stop this from happening,
      2. Setting
        1. This book is set in the 2000's, but Joe travels back to 1919 in this book also.
          1. Louisville, Kentucky is where Joe lives but he travels back to Cinncinati, Ohio for the World Series.
          2. Theme
            1. I think the theme of this story is that changing the past is hard, but you can fix multiple things from the past if you try hard enough.
              1. How this theme is brought out in the book in this book is since Joe decides to go back to the past and save Shoeless Shoe he has to make big decisions and thinks really hard. He finds out some things aren't very easy to change. Some things can't be changed at all. Although, in the end, something great comes out of it.
              2. Characters
                1. Joe (Stosh) Stoshack
                  1. Joe is smart, resilient, creative, adventourous and bold.
                    1. Joe has a carmel hair color and is in his pre-teens. He is very sporty.
                    2. Shoeless Joe Jackson
                      1. Shoeless Joe is very tall and skinny. He has has blackish hair and only cares about baseball.
                        1. Joe isn't the smartness but is a very very strong, caring, guy. Although, Joe isn't the smartest, and doesn't know how to read or write.
                        2. Wilbur Kozinsky
                          1. Wilbur is a scrawny kid, with straight hair, fair skin, and squinty eyes. Wilbur is kind of stubborn.
                            1. Wilbur is the type of kid who doesn't really care about anything is kind of rude and snotty. Wilbur is very smart and humble though.
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