How do you pick a lock

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How to pick locks, and questions I thought of while learning.

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How do you pick a lock
1 What is the best pick to use when picking a lock?
1.1 How many picks are there for picking locks?
1.1.1 There are nine difernet picks for lock picking.
1.2 How much does it cost to buy a pick set?
1.2.1 The averige tool set cost $10-$15
1.3 Most of the people who have picked locks recomend the hook pick, because it is better to get used to doing one pin at a time.
2 What does the tension wrench do?
2.1 Where do you put the tension wrench in the lock?
2.1.1 You put the pick into the bottom of the lock.
2.2 When you add slight pressure the binding pin will stop the plug from rotating.
3 What is the hardest lock to pick?
3.1 What is the easiest lock to pick?
3.1.1 A masster lock is the easist lock to pick.
3.2 A cars key lock is the hardest to pick.
4 How do you know when you are done picking the lock?
4.1 How long should it take to unlock the average type of lock?
4.1.1 The better you are the faster the time should get, but it should be about one minute
4.2 When you are done then you can hear the pins in the lock click.
5 What is the hardest part about lock picking?
5.1 The hardest part is getting all the pins on the shear line
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