Dies Irae

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Dies Irae


  • 4/4  time signature
  • SATB Choir
  • 2 bar ostinato by lower strings
1 2 Quaver Horn Motif. (What the choir sing when they come in)
2 Relentless triplet upper string accompaniment
2.1 8 bars of intro
2.1.1 Part A SATB choir in homophonic texture Replicate horn motif Accented quavers Part B Unison- all on D Recurrent 3 chord motif interrupts music every 4 bars Part C Homophonic again New ostinato- very similar to previous Horns play chromatic rising scale- basis of a new chordal theme later. Part D- "Tuba Mirum" theme Ostinato back to normal Unison Rising sequence- notes a third apart Homophonic falling sequence ending on unison D Part E Polyphonic Syallabic treatment of word "Dies" Part F Unison with sopranos and first tenors singing an octave higher. Same as part B Part G Same as part A but with bass line singing chromatic horn motif from earlier Part H Tuba Mirum theme played in instruments Part I Choir singing unison D and bass line changes to chromatic scale The rest is basically just repeated :-) For more revision:

Attachments: Test

Attachments: Instrumental theme
3 4/4 time signature
4 SATB choir
5 2 bar ostinato by lower strings
5.1 Changes after 16 bars then changes every 8 bars after that
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