GCSE OCR Women's Suffrage 1890-1918

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GCSE OCR Women's Suffrage 1890-1918
  1. The position of women in 1890
    1. Social
      1. Better in the kitchen, looking after kids, and cleaning the home
        1. no need for the to be well educated
          1. They should dress well and find a good man
          2. Political
            1. Men and women were not equal
              1. Vote in LOCAL elections
                1. Could stand of councillor LOCALLY
                2. Paid taxes
                  1. Couldn't vote in National (Country wide) elections
                  2. Legal
                    1. Women could only get divorced if they were beaten
                      1. All of the women's property belonged to their dad or husband
                    2. Suffragettes
                      1. 1903- Emmeline Pankhurst
                        1. Annoyed by the lack of progress by the Suffragists
                          1. Used violent methods
                            1. Lock themselves to railings
                              1. Smashed windows
                                1. Assult politicians
                                  1. Un-lady like
                                    1. People didm't know how to deal with them
                                  2. WSPU
                                    1. Women's Social Political Union
                                    2. 1914- Mary Richardson
                                      1. Slashed paintings at the National Art Gallery
                                      2. 1913- Emily Davidson
                                        1. Ran in front if the King's horse at the Derby
                                          1. Died in hospital
                                            1. Suicide??
                                              1. Accident??
                                          2. Young working class women
                                          3. Suffragists
                                            1. 1897- Millicent Fawcett
                                              1. NUWSS
                                                1. National Union of Women's Suffrage Society
                                                2. Used peaceful, non-violent methods
                                                  1. Non- violent demonstrations
                                                    1. Petitions
                                                  2. Middle class property-owning women
                                                    1. Over 100,000 members
                                                      1. Gained respect form men/leaders
                                                      2. Cat and Mouse Act- 1913
                                                        1. Women were arrested
                                                          1. They went on hunger strike because they were't being treated like political prisoners
                                                            1. They were force fed
                                                              1. The public disliked this
                                                                1. So they were released to get well again
                                                                  1. When the were well, they would be re-arrested
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