Feliks Skrzynecki

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Created by tori.buckle over 5 years ago
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1 Importnat Quotes
1.1 "loved his garden like an only child"
1.1.1 simile
1.1.2 feels sense of belonging here
1.2 "happy as i have never been"
1.2.1 image- peace, security and belonging.
1.2.2 highlights satisfaction with garden/haven
1.3 "did your father ever attempt to learn english?"
1.3.1 direct speech
1.3.2 bring character to life
1.3.3 emphasises poer is angry with questions
2 Overview
2.1 Feliks extensive love and devotion towards garden
2.1.1 loves more than own child, taking care "from sunrise to seep"
2.2 loved Polish background
2.3 Feliks never complained
2.4 taught Peter remnants of a language
2.5 never learnt english
2.6 was happy as ever
2.7 Peter forgot first polish word
2.7.1 Feliks repeated it, didn't forget

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