Materialism-Marxism The Bloody Chamber and The Courtship of Mr Lyon

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Materialism-Marxism The Bloody Chamber and The Courtship of Mr Lyon
1 "I swear to you, I had never been vain before I met him"
2 "My cup runnerth over. And I had on a Poiret Dress"
3 "On his arm, all eyes were upon me. The whispering crowd in the foyer parted like the red sea to let us through"
4 "There was a dress for her, too; black silk"
5 "I'm sure I want to marry him"
6 "great ancestral bed"
6.1 "My first opera"
6.1.1 "He was rich as Croesus"
7 "that magic place...To which, on day, I might bear an destiny"
7.1 "my nostrils caught a whiff of the opulent male scent of leather and spices"
7.2 "He had the ring ready in a leather box lined with crimson velvet"
8 "he had invited me to join this gallery of beautiful women"
8.1 "for the opera, I wore a sinuous shift of white muslin tied with a silk string under the breasts. And everyone stared at me"
8.1.1 "I sensed in myself a potentiality for corruption that took my breath away"
8.1.2 "This ring, the bloody bandage of rubies, the wardrobe of clothes from Poiret and Worth, his scent of Russian leather- all had conspired to seduce me so utterly that I could not say I felt a single twinge of regret"
8.2 "His wedding gift, clasped around my throat. A an extraordinarily precious slit throat"
9 "pauses in her chores in the mean kitchen to look out at the country road"
9.1 "the old car stuck fast in a rut"
9.2 "the only gift she wanted, no matter how the case went, how rich he might once again be"
9.2.1 "the house was plainly that of an exceedingly wealthy man" "the dining room was Queen Anne, tapestried, a gem" "she longed for the shabby home of her poverty. The unaccustomed luxury about her she found poignant, because it gave no pleasure to its possessor" "She was to be a spoiled child" "she smiled at herself in mirrors a little too often, these days" "Her face was acquiring, instead of beauty, a lacquer of the invincible prettiness that characterizes certain pampered, exquisite, expensive cats" "You are never at the mercy of the elements in London" "her father was as good as rich again...A resplendent hotel; the opera, theatres; a whole new wardrobe for his darling, so she could step out on his arm to parties" "she took off her earrings in front of the mirror; Beauty" "Her bedroom contained a marvellous glass bed; she had a bathroom, with towels as thick as fleece and vials of suave unguents"
9.3 "perfect, Palladian house"
9.4 "the whole of spring drew him into its warmth"
10 "up the staircase...stumbling, ripping the hem of her dress in her haste. What a modest bedroom!"

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