An Inspector Calls- Act One

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Analysis of characters and themes

Resource summary

An Inspector Calls- Act One
  1. Narrative
    1. Opening Stage directions
      1. Initial impressions of characters
        1. Arthur's Speech
          1. Arthur's 2nd speech
            1. Inspector's arrival
              1. Arthur's story
                1. Sheila's Story
                  1. Gerald and Sheila's conversation
                  2. Characters
                    1. Sheila
                      1. '(half serious, half playful)
                        1. Sheila clearly doesn't trust Gerald. She wants to remind him of this but does so in an underhand way to not show him up in front of her family.
                        2. she can be quite intruitive
                          1. [sheila merely nods, still staring at him, and he goes across to the tantalus on the sideboard for a whiskey.(pg181)
                        3. Eric
                          1. He likes a drink and can be quite rude
                              1. pays attention to the world around him.
                              2. he checks himself, he doesnt want to share a lot with his family
                              3. Gerald
                                1. he is very upper class and posh
                                  1. his dad is a sir and his mum is a lady (the crofts)
                                  2. Mr Birling
                                    1. he thinks he is a powerful man we know this because he likes to take control over everyones comversations
                                    2. Mrs Birling
                                      1. the wife of Mr Birling
                                        1. she is very supportive of her husband
                                        2. The Inspector
                                          1. the inspector is very organised we know this because (look at pg 170)
                                        3. Themes
                                          1. Capitalism vs. Socialism
                                            1. Community
                                              1. Responsibility
                                                1. Family loyalty
                                                  1. Blame
                                                    1. Promoting oneself
                                                      1. Class
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