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tech revision
  1. tools
    1. try square- used to make lines perpendicular to the edge of the peice
      1. marking gauge- used to mark lines parallel to the edge of the peice
        1. tenon saw- used to cut straight lines
          1. sliding bevel- used for setting and transfering angles on wood or plastic
            1. coping saw- used to rounded cuts
            2. materials
              1. wood- gives an authentic finish
                1. hard wood- more durable then soft wood
                  1. soft wood- better looking
                    1. pine
                      1. spruce
                    2. plastics
                      1. thermosetting plastics
                        1. polyester resin
                          1. epoxy resin
                            1. can only be heated and shaped once
                            2. thermoplastics
                              1. acryllic
                                1. nylon
                                  1. can be heated and reshaped infinate amount of times
                              2. joints
                                1. dowel joint- used to make boxes
                                  1. mortise and tenon joint- used to strongly hold wood together at weird angles
                                    1. finger joint- used to hold together two corners
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