American Revolution

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American Revolution
1 The American Revolution Started Because...
1.1 The Intolerable acts
1.2 No representation in Parliament
2 The Battles Consisted Of...
2.1 Lexington
2.1.1 Had "The Shot Heard Around The World"
2.1.2 First Battle of The American Revoulution
2.2 Concord
2.2.1 Second Battle of The American Revolution
2.2.2 British Soldiers Retreated to Boston
2.3 Saratoga
2.3.1 Turning point of the American Revolution
2.3.2 Embarrassing Defeat for England
2.4 Yorktown
2.4.1 Final Major Battle of The American Revolution
2.4.2 France Now on their side
2.4.3 France Blockaded Supplies to come, and no way for Britain to escape
2.4.4 On October 19th, 1781, The British Surrendered. This was the final blow.

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