A framework for the HRD process "A DImE"

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MGT3HRD (Chapter 1-Introduction to Human Resource Development) Mind Map on A framework for the HRD process "A DImE", created by Bekachu89 on 02/26/2014.

Created by Bekachu89 over 5 years ago
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A framework for the HRD process "A DImE"
1 Assessment
1.1 Examine organisation, enivronment, job tasks, employee performance.
1.1.1 Prioritise needs
2 Design
2.1 Define objectives
2.1.1 Develop lesson plan develop/acquire materials select trainer/leader select methods and techniques schedule the program/intervention
3 Implementation
3.1 Deliver the HRD program or intervention
4 Evaluation
4.1 select evaluation criteria
4.1.1 determine evaluation design conduct evaluation of program or intervention Interpret results

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