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GCE A level Applied Science AS Mind Map on Respiration, created by Becca Gaden on 02/27/2014.

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1 What is the equation for respiration
1.1 Word equation: Glucose + oxygen ---> carbon dioxide + water + (energy)
1.1.1 C6 H12 O6 + 6O2 ---> 6CO2 + 6H2O + (energy)
2 What is the point in respiration?
2.1 Used to produce energy for many metabolic processes
2.2 Break down of glucose in the body
2.3 To get oxygen into all of the cells that require it
2.4 Muscle contractions can take place
2.5 For the separation of chromosomes during nuclear division
3 What are the two types of respiration?
3.1 Aerobic
3.1.1 Produces 38 molecules of ATP
3.1.2 More efficient than anaerobic
3.1.3 Produces CO2, water and energy
3.2 Anaerobic
3.2.1 Used when there's is not enough oxygen to generate the energy which is required.
3.2.2 Instead of carbon dioxide and water being produced glucose is broken down into lactic acid
3.2.3 Only two molecules of ATP are made from this respiration
3.2.4 The lactic acid produced is toxic
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