Nervous System

Callum Perera
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science Mind Map on Nervous System, created by Callum Perera on 04/27/2013.

Callum Perera
Created by Callum Perera over 6 years ago
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Nervous System
1 Responce
1.1 Simulation
1.1.1 Change in Envoroment
2 Structure
2.1 CNS
2.1.1 Spinal Cord
2.1.2 Brain
2.2 Peripheual
2.2.1 nerves, receptors, effectors
3 Receptors
3.1 Dectects Stimulants
3.2 Ears, eyes, tongue, skin, nose
4 Reflex Action
4.1 Spinal Cord
4.2 Fast
4.3 Involentry
5 Effector
5.1 Glands
5.2 Muscles

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